Donate Land

The Muskoka Conservancy accepts donations of land across Muskoka as both Nature Reserves and Conservation Easements. If you would like to discuss a land donation, please contact us to discuss your options and learn more about land donation. Call 705-645-7393 or email


For American Donors

We know that many of our supporters are Americans who would prefer to receive their charitable benefits in the United States. Through the American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, we are able to accept donations of cash, securities, bequests, and land and easements.

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts is an innovative non-profit created by leading conservation professionals from both countries to secure the future of signature Canadian Landscapes by removing tax-related obstacles. Working American Friends, U.S. taxpayers can finally afford to achieve their protection goals for Canadian properties that are conservation priorities.

Americans can donate their Canadian land to American Friends or support Muskoka Conservancy and other Canadian conservation organizations by contributing tax or securities to American Friends.

All donations are eligible for U.S. income tax deductions. Gifts of land or easements are also exempt from Canadian capital gains taxes.

Please contact the office at 705-645-7393 or visit American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts to learn more.