Our Mission

Protecting and caring for Muskoka's natural spaces.

At the Muskoka Conservancy, we work with community partners and private landowners to create and protect nature reserves. We offer outdoor experiences, outreach, and education that inspire caring for nature in Muskoka.

Muskoka Conservancy is a volunteer-driven, staff-supported registered charity. Energized volunteers, supporters, and a tiny staff together protect 41 properties consisting of more than 2,600 acres (10.56 km2), over 49,000 ft (15,134 meters) of sensitive shoreline, and over 473 acres of wetland. These properties are protected through direct ownership or through conservation easements. For more information on our protected lands go to our Land Protection page.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy, resilient Muskoka that conserves natural spaces for our own and future generations.

Official Sponsors