MotE20 Thank You Square

This year, instead of hosting our popular August party, we celebrated within our Covid bubbles on our docks!  

Over 95 supporters participated in Muskoka on the Edge in 2020 to advance the Conservancy's essential work to protect more Muskoka shoreline, wetlands, forests and habitat for species at risk. Together, we raised over $50,000!


Click on the flapping Loon for MotE'20

recipes, including the now famous cocktail -

The Lonely Loon!

Thank You to Donors and Bidders in our Online Auction!


Auction Thanks!


      1. Electric Inboard Boat, Peterborough 14’ Cedar Strip THANKS Rob and Allyn Abbott, and high bidder Andrew Russell
      2. Snowy Owl Wood Carving THANKS Chris Cape, and high bidder Kim Lang
      3. A Pair of Kayaks with Paddles THANKS Gordon Bay Marine, and high bidder Judith Hinchman
      4. Antique Rowing Skiff with Oars (Hand Restored) THANKS Marie McFarlane, and high bidder Jim Grand
      5. Custom Cedar Strip Canoe THANKS Marie McFarlane, and high bidder Brian Bornstein
      6. Roam with Goats! A Sky River Meadow Farms Family Pass THANKS Scott Young, and high bidder Rob Jennings
      7. Flight to Killarney with Lunch at Killarney Mountain Lodge THANKS Rob Clark and Bob Weekes, and high bidder Earle Nestmann
      8. Bubbler Buddy Containment System THANKS Bubbler Buddy, and high bidder Rob Fitzpatrick
      9. Family Cottage Tour with Expert Naturalists THANKS high bidder Susan Epplett
      10. Loon Float THANKS high bidder Marilyn Hull