Benefits of Planting Native Species

  • adapted to environmental growing conditions of Muskoka
  • require less water
  • low maintenance
  • cost-effective
  • provide habitat for local species

For more information about native plants and growing conditions, follow this link.

The Corner Garden

Muskoka Conservancy's office is located at 47 Quebec Street in Bracebridge, and just outside our doors, is the Corner Garden! The property is a low impact development and native species demonstration.

The garden was planted in 2017, in partnership with Riverstone Environmental, and is full of native plant species that are typical to Muskoka. If you're interested in starting your own native plant garden and you're looking for some tips, please stop by the property to take a look and be inspired!

For more information about the garden, please follow this link.

Native Plant Sale

Purchase your own native plants during our annual sale!

Native Plant Sale