At the Muskoka Conservancy we believe in working with our community to create and support a vibrant Muskoka that honours the traditions of the community and protects our natural spaces.

We work with an amazing group of volunteers, landowners, and supporters to protect our legendary landscape through acquisition, private land stewardship, and community outreach and education. While the name “Muskoka Conservancy” may be new, we have over 25 years of success in our community.

About Us

In January 2013 the Muskoka Conservancy was born out of the amalgamation of the Muskoka Heritage Foundation and Muskoka Heritage Trust. While our name has changed, our mission is the same – “To nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka’s natural and built heritage for future generations!”

We protect 36 properties throughout Muskoka which accounts for more than 2,400 acres (9.71 km2) and over 37,000 ft (11,128 meters) of sensitive shoreline. These properties are protected through direct ownership or through conservation easements. For more information on our protected lands go to to our Protected Properties page.

We all have our reasons for loving Muskoka. Whether it is the wild call of the loon in the evening, the silent mist on the lake, or a casual hike in the woods, Muskoka inspires us to consider the natural world around us and to connect with the generations that came before. In order to help protect environment and traditions of Muskoka we need the support of all those who love to be here, whether for the day, a month, the summer, or the rest of your life. As you wander through our website we hope you will find some inspiration as to how you can join us in our goal. The opportunities are endless – become a member, donate, volunteer at an event, join a committee, sign up for one of our workshops, etc.

Don’t be shy! If you would like more information about our programs or if you are looking for a way to contribute, we want to hear from you!

Upcoming Events


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