Wetlands are worth saving!

Protecting Muskoka’s wetlands and natural shorelines help protect Muskoka’s famously excellent water quality and also protects us against floods. Wetlands are like gigantic natural sponges that absorb snowmelt and rain, then slowly and gradually release the flow into creeks and streams, eventually topping up Muskoka’s lakes. Floods happen when the water has nowhere to go but downhill, and nothing to slow it down. Healthy wetlands and natural shorelines cause water to slow down, percolate into the ground. In short, these underappreciated features of our landscape are what keeps Muskoka, well, Muskoka! And that’s why you should j0in Muskoka Conservancy and start supporting nature conservation today! It’s super fast and easy to get started, just call us at (705)645-7393 or click on the donate link on this web site.