Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day is the perfect time for Muskoka Conservancy to recognize a true hero of nature conservation in Muskoka: Shirley McIntyre of Browning Island, Lake Muskoka!

Shirley was well-loved and a revered islander who passed away in December 2018, and Shirley loved Muskoka! She wanted to protect what she loved, so she named Muskoka Conservancy as a significant beneficiary of her estate.

Thank you, Shirley!

Shirley’s generosity provides a major boost to the Conservancy in several ways. Invested in our Legacy Fund, Shirley’s contribution acts as a stabilizing financial keel and generates earnings that go toward our operating budget. Added to our Quick Strike Fund, these dollars allow us to act fast to purchase special conservation properties as they become available for sale. In our Land Maintenance and Defense Fund helps keep us prepared for extraordinary property management and land protection related legal expenses. These are all important aspects of making our land trust an institution in Muskoka, but we also wanted to do something special for Browning Island, so Muskoka Conservancy is creating a special Shirley McIntyre Fund!

The Shirley McIntyre Fund will be designated to add to the Browning Island Nature Reserve by helping to pay transaction costs for any Browning Islander that would be interested in donating their land to add to the BI nature reserve. These funds will help cover severances, surveys, appraisals, and legal fees. And of course, Muskoka Conservancy would work with any donor to achieve the best possible tax benefit for their land donation. We hope this will add to Shirley’s legacy.

We know Shirley greatly appreciated what we’ve got here in Muskoka, and she understood why nature conservation is essential. Shirley would also be thrilled that Muskoka Conservancy continues to be strong and in 2020 has already added two new nature reserves!  We could not do it without extraordinary people like Shirley McIntyre, and we cannot do it without you. Together we are saving the Muskoka we love. Thank you Shirley!

Scott Young
Muskoka Conservancy