Planned Giving

With your planned gift you can support the Muskoka Conservancy, endow a fund or donate your property.  With a little planning, your gift can leave a lasting legacy for Muskoka.

A planned gift is one that is arranged during your lifetime, but not given until a future date and can be arranged with a financial planner or insurance agent.  There are many tools available, however, all of them provide a means of supporting an organization in a style or degree your current means may not allow.

While you may not currently have the means to give a significant gift to an organization you love, by using planned giving tools, including a life insurance policy in the name of the organization you would like to support, you can gift can match the degree of your passion, if not your current means.

If you would like to learn more, please contact the office at 705-645-7393 ext 200 or at info @ or speak with your financial planner about how you can support Muskoka Conservancy.