Legacy Fund

Established in 2008, the Legacy Fund was created by a group of donors who want to ensure that Muskoka Conservancy is always able to protect precious spaces and provide programs to all of Muskoka.

One of the many challenges faced by the Muskoka Conservancy is that FOREVER is a very long time, and that is how long we have committed to protecting Muskoka's natural spaces. A strong legacy fund will allow us to be proactive in responding to changes in the economy, grant availability and property and program needs by providing a protected fund whose income can be used to support properties and projects.

Currently, we are looking to increase the size of our legacy fund to $2 million. With a strong legacy fund, the organization has protected, self-sustaining source of revenue that will provide stability to Muskoka Conservancy FOREVER.

If you would like to learn more about the Legacy Fund or to make a contribution, please call us at 705-645-7393 ext 200.

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