Healthy treesMuskoka Conservancy is offering a new stewardship program to empower landowners to support the health of the forest ecosystem in Muskoka.  This is a two year project in collaboration with Westwind Forest Stewardship, and is funded for the next year by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The program, which launched in March 2014, is creating community-wide awareness of tree health issues as well as forest management options.

This funding will support the Muskoka Conservancy and Westwind Forest Stewardship to help improve the quality of Muskoka’s forests and wildlife habitat connectivity, reduce the spread of invasive species, and empower landowners to maintain and monitor their trees and forest ecosystems.

The Healthy Trees Stewardship Program is a multifaceted project that will include:

  • Series of landowner workshops to provide information on forest health issues
  • Personalized site visits for property owners looking for resources and recommendations
  • The annual “Woodlands and Wildlife Forest Festival” scheduled for October 2, 2015, designed for landowners, tree care professionals, and forest management experts to discuss current problems and future trends
  • Continued sustainable forest management on Muskoka’s Crown Land by Westwind Forest Stewardship

We will be reaching out to community groups and private associations to provide information workshops for them.  If you are interested in having us speak to your group, or would like a tree health consultation, please contact Rebecca Ferguson, Stewardship Technician with Muskoka Conservancy at 705-645-7393 ext 206 or email

Public workshops will be held throughout the summer and fall seasons and will be offered in various communities throughout Muskoka.  Please stay tuned to our online calendar of events for more information on the location, dates and topics.