Thanks in large part to a recent media push by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, people are learning more about invasive species, in particular, Giant_Hogweed. Occasionally, we have people bring a bag of some suspect weed into our office, and we try to help them identify what they’ve got and what they can do about it. There’s a wide range of solutions and an even wider range of opinions. We talk to people who say “let-it-be,” and others who are convinced the answer is “spray! spray! spray!” Quite often there’s a recognized best practice, and that’s what you’ll generally hear from Muskoka Conservancy.

For some invasives in some situations, simply pulling it out is the best solution. If you click on the above link for Giant Hogweed, for example, you’ll find out that protective clothing, safety glasses, and gloves are a very good idea for pulling this particular plant. Proper disposal is also very important. If invasive plants are not disposed of properly, they can spread. We recommend you do your research.

As for preventing invaders from gaining a foothold in Muskoka, many of these plants arrive here because people like showy plants in their gardens.  We highly recommend you plant native species when you’re gardening. You can learn more at or better yet, come visit us at The Corner Garden at Quebec and Dominion Streets in downtown Bracebridge. It’s a native plant demonstration garden designed for learning and enjoyment. Just ask for Vienna or Reese.

Hope to see you soon.