As part of the Shoreline Stewardship program, Muskoka Conservancy hosted their second annual “Working Around Water” Symposium for professionals in Muskoka on Tuesday, March 31st at Nipissing University in Bracebridge. The event brought together local professionals to hear about topics related to the health of our waterways, including the economics of shorelines, shoreline biology, erosion control and re-naturalization.

The Shoreline Stewardship and Water Quality Program was launched in the fall of 2013 by Muskoka Conservancy and Muskoka Lakes Association. “This is a multifaceted program that combines community workshops, private landowner consultations, and outreach to local contractors and service providers”, says Kristie Virgoe, Executive Director of Muskoka Conservancy.

“This was a great opportunity for professionals to get together to discuss and share information about working along shorelines in Muskoka so they can continue in the great work they are doing”, says Jenn LeMesurier, Stewardship Coordinator. “The symposium offered a session including five municipal planners who were available to discuss hot topics and answer tough questions from professionals in the room – there was some really great discussion”.

“The Symposium is vital part of our program and this is an annual event that we look forward to developing each year” says LeMesurier, Stewardship Coordinator. “Participants in the event will have their businesses listed in our Landowner Services Guide that we will be available to landowners. In that way, we are helping landowners connect with the professionals that can help them improve and restore their natural shorelines”.

“Muskoka Conservancy is thrilled to be working with all areas of our community to help protect our natural features.  The takeaway message from this event is simple – Muskoka has a great listing of contractors and consultants that really care about Muskoka!  This event offered an opportunity to connect and discuss issues, hot topics, ask questions, and discover sustainable solutions for working around our waterways in Muskoka,” says LeMesurier.

As part of the Shoreline Stewardship program, Muskoka Conservancy will be hosting landowner workshops throughout the year to reach seasonal and year round shoreline property owners. These presentations will include topics like shoreline erosion control, and tips to manage Canada Geese on your shoreline property. Please see our Calendar of Events for details.

Please click here to view photos and presentations from the 2015 event!

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