Property Details

Size: 27.45 acres

Location: Peninsula Lake

Year Acquired: 2008

Shoreline: 800 feet


Property Info

The Wolf Mountain Conservation Easement is a classic example of rugged terrain found in the surrounding Algonquin region characterized by deep oligotrophic lakes with steep backshores and thin bolder till soils over bedrock. The 800 feet of shoreline is part of Wolf Bay and is one of the last remaining stretches of undeveloped shoreline on Peninsula Lake. The centerpiece of the riparian zone is a large granitic area locally referred to as ‘Flat Rock’, which was a probable encampment. The most notable geologic feature of the property is the lookout from the top of the mountain, 300 feet above the water, with impressive vistas to the north.

The predominance of red oak cannot be overstated on the property. The significant mass production area is important to a wide variety of wildlife which is confirmed by evidence of barred owls, wild turkeys, snowshoe hares, white-tailed deer, and coyotes.

“It’s a very exciting day for us” said Margaret Moffatt, delighted on the day of signing the conservation easement agreement. “We’ve been waiting a while to do this”. Margaret and her husband Norman Sr. had purchased pieces of property bit by bit for the purposes of conservation, and the easement agreement with Muskoka Conservancy confirms that the property’s natural features will be protected in perpetuity.