Property Details

Size: 114.15 acres

Location: Bracebridge

Year Acquired: 2011

Wetland: 23 acres

Public Access: Available

Property Info

The Upjohn Nature Reserve is a unique property that includes both natural and cultural features. The property includes 23 acres of wetland as well as healthy secondary forest typical to the Muskoka region. The property acts as a spring-fed headwater pond system that feeds into Beaver Creek, and then on to the Muskoka River. The wetland and forested area support a diversity of wildlife – recordings of songbirds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals speak to the quality of the habitat.

The property was cleared for agricultural purposes in the late 1800s, but farming practices ended in the 1950s and the land reverted back to forested. The stone house from the days of agriculture still stands on the property, and a barn foundation can be found on the grounds as well. The property was purchased by the Upjohn family to provide a setting for understanding and appreciating nature. The property donors have been able to share the land with three generations and now, the property is shared with Muskoka Conservancy supporters. A number of Nature Quest outings are held on the property and a short trail system is in place for visitors to enjoy.