Property Details

Size: 33.62 acres

Location: Bracebridge

Year Acquired: 2014

Wetland: 2 acres


Property Info

The Upjohn Conservation Easement agreement is located adjacent to the Upjohn Nature Reserve. This additional 33 acres of protected lands also includes wetland habitat. The property is largely forested with mature tree species and is typical of the Muskoka region. It also has a well-developed understory, which contributes to species diversity.

There is a large diversity in floral species, with provincially uncommon plant species present. Hobblebush grows abundantly, as does Pinesap and Marsh St. John’s wort. Dwarf ginseng is also present on the property, which is regionally uncommon. There is also a healthy diversity of fern species, with six fern species and several fern allies on the property. Signs of deer, moose, and bear are present and there have been many songbirds identified on the property.