Property Details

Size: 16.01 acres

Location: Lake Muskoka

Year Acquired: 2012

Shoreline: 4000 feet


Property Info

Turner Island in Lake Muskoka was protected by owner Mary Gilmour in 2012. Under her care and the care of her family, Turner Island has remained virtually untouched for generations.  Since her great uncle purchased the island in the 1920’s the land has been used only passively for summer recreation.  The only activity to change the island has been by natural forces, a fire in 1912, and a blowdown during a windstorm in 2011, which have been reacted to by restoring paths and planting native species, and otherwise letting nature take its course.  Mrs. Gilmour recalls her most enjoyed activities, “playing in the water, walking around the island and just being there.”  She also enjoys the natural setting for her photography.

The sixteen-acre island is a fine example of a granitic outcrop island. Since only one cottage and boathouse are at the northern end of the island, the property is in a rather pristine condition except for natural disturbances such as fire and blowdowns. The island has been identified by the Ministry of Natural Resources as a deer wintering area  Around the perimeter and across the interior in several places are a network of game trails (sometimes walking trails). Surrounding the island except at the small building site is 4000 feet of undeveloped natural shoreline and riparian zone.