Property Details

Size: 100 acres

Location: Skeleton Lake

Year Acquired: 2018

Wetland: 16 acres

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

The Stream to Skeleton Lake Nature Reserve is characterized by an upland mixed forest as well as a large creek that runs through the property. The mixed forest is mostly secondary growth, and there is healthy beaver activity throughout the property. The wetland area and the creek offer significant habitat for wildlife species and a thicket area is home to species at risk. The upland forest part of the property features glacial erratic boulders, mature forest, vernal pools, ephemeral streams, and some interesting rock outcroppings, ledges, and slopes. These buffer the creek and wetland area, which are very sensitive areas. Conserving these sensitive areas is important to serve as habitat for species, but also because the creek feeds directly into Skeleton Lake and activities near the creek will also impact water quality on the lake.

Thank you to the Kenneth M. Molson Foundation for making this donation possible!