Property Details

Size: 44.89 acres

Location: Peninsula Lake

Year Acquired: 2012

Shoreline: 915 feet

Property Info

This property is a classic example of the rugged terrain found in the surrounding Algonquin region which is characterized by deep oligotrophic lakes with steep backshores and thin bolder till soils over bedrock. The most notable geologic feature is the large quartz vein stretching from the bottom to the top of Strawberry Mountain. This vein has a depression halfway down the slope suggesting perhaps some geologic interest in the past. At the top of the mountain are some outstanding window type vistas.

There is considerable diversity of tree species from the shoreline of Pen Lake to the top of Strawberry Mountain but the dominance of tolerant hardwoods, by area of coverage, is most obvious. Perhaps the most notable feature of the forest cover is the dominance of red oak in all but a small portion of the forest stands. From a wildlife food standpoint, the predominance of mature red oak cannot be overstated. This is undoubtedly a significant mast production area important to a wide variety of the region’s wildlife.