Property Details

Size: 34.09 acres

Location: Lake of Bays

Year Acquired: 2000

Shoreline: 1760 feet

Property Info

The Northolme Conservation Easement was the first easement agreement with the Muskoka Heritage Trust in 2000. The property is located on a deep-water portion of Lake of Bays and includes coniferous slopes along the rocky shoreline. The shoreline is relatively undeveloped, and the woody debris, rock rubble, and natural vegetation provide excellent habitat for fish spawning. The upland forest on the property includes mature sugar maple, beech, and hemlock. There is evidence that fire and logging activities shaped the earlier forest, although there are some very large trees that may have survived those events. A diversity of wildlife has been recorded on the property including a variety of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

Prior to the negotiation of the conservation easement, the property owners received a Muskoka Heritage Foundation Stewardship Award in recognition of their voluntary pledge to protect the natural heritage values of their property. The conservation easement agreement solidified their commitment to conserving the land and the wildlife thereon in perpetuity.