Property Details

Size: 16.96 acres

Location: Lake Muskoka

Year Acquired: 1996

Wetland: 16.96 acres

Shoreline: 2055 feet

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

The Muskoka River Delta Nature Reserve is located at the mouth of the Muskoka River on Lake Muskoka. This island property is horseshoe shaped and the concave side forms a sheltered bay along Lake Muskoka. A sand spit projecting into the bay from the southern tip of the island creates and even more enclosed bay which is called Sandy Cove. Shallow, sediment rich waters in the bay support a diverse wetland habitat.

A diversity of wetland types are represented at the nature reserve including open water marsh dominated by pondweeds and waterlilies; emergent wild rice marsh; low shrub poor fens dominated by leatherleaf and sedges; a dense tall shrub thicket swamp dominated by winterberry and alder; and wooded swamp with silver maple, red maple and red oak species.

This property is not available for public access, but paddlers are welcome to enjoy the nature reserve as they pass by!