Property Details

Size: 8.7 acres

Location: Lake Vernon

Year Acquired: 2011

Wetland: 8.7 acres

Shoreline: 1532 feet

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

Kitty’s Wish Island Nature Reserve is located on the Big East River Delta on Lake Vernon. It is designated as provincially significant wetland and is home to many shoreline and wetland flora and fauna. The main canopy of the property is silver maple and the soil is quite sandy. It includes a large representation of bayonet rush shallow marsh which is a provincially rare vegetation community. The spits of the property are excellent feeding areas for birds, as aquatic insects emerge from shallow water and cling to vegetation overhanging the water.

Kitty’s Wish Island Nature Reserve is named in honour of Sarah Leah Cohen, called “Kitty” by her family and friends. At the time of donation, in 2011, the donors said that “today, at age 98, Kitty still climbs mountains (quite literally), dances, travels internationally, participates in marathon walks to raise money for charities, avails the community of her services, and spreads life and happiness wherever she goes”.

“It was important to us that the island donation be named in honour of Sarah Leah Cohen, as we see such a parallel between the land and our dear Kitty” say donors. “The land is strong and courageous, able to withstand the rigors of our harsh climate. The land does change with the passage of time, but its energy never fades”.