Property Details

Size: 7 acres

Location: Lake Joseph

Year Acquired: 2004

Shoreline: 2600 feet

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

Located in the north end of Lake Joseph, Island K is a unique property donation that also includes neighbouring conservation easement agreements. Conservation of the island as a natural space had always been the wish of its owner, Christine Robinson. After her passing, her family joined forces with neighbouring cottagers to make her wish come true! Part of the island was donated to Muskoka Conservancy as a nature reserve, and the remaining property was put into conservation easements to limit any further development.

The property represents typical granitic outcropping, and glacial erratics are a good reminder of ancient glacial activity. Undisturbed forest plant zones nicely demonstrate secondary succession that has occurred since a disturbance (likely wildfire) about 90 years ago. Dominant tree species include white pine, white cedar, red pine, red maple, red oak, hemlock and jack pine. There is considerable biodiversity on the island and a good supply of downed woody material and cavity trees to sustain habitat for wildlife.