Property Details

Size: 252.11 acres

Location: Torrance

Year Acquired: 2011

Wetland: 30 acres

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

The Grand Family Memorial Nature Reserve is located adjacent to Hardy Lake Provincial Park and includes mixed forest with areas of hemlock and stands of red pine and white oak. It also includes a biodiverse fen and open pond wetland complex at the north end of the property. The hemlock forest provides excellent habitat for white-tailed deer to winter and a number of species at risk have been noted on the nature reserve.

The donor’s grandparents were one of the first Muskoka settlers in the 1880s and the sixth generation of the family still lives and visits Muskoka. “This donation is a thank you from all of us, on behalf of our family who had the foresight to rough it out here in the early days,” says Jim Grand, land donor.