Property Details

Size: 72.79 acres

Location: Gravenhurst

Year Acquired: 2012

Wetland: 35 acres

Shoreline: 1741 feet

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

The Foster Bratty Nature Reserve is located within the Loon Lake wetland complex and is home to provincially significant wetland habitat. The property provides connectivity within a region of protected property, including the Loon Lake Wetland Conservation Reserve and the Torrance Barrens. As a result, the Foster Bratty Nature Reserve is home to larger mammals including bear, deer, a bobcat as well as fox and a family of otters. With the wetland complex, this property offers unique reptile habitat for species at risk. Springtime brings a display of orchid species, and a variety of bird species can be heard on the property year round.

Property donors were eager to protect the property for wildlife. They understood the connectivity nature requires and saw their land donation as supporting watershed health. “We care about the lakes and their health. What happens to the back properties and the wetlands has a direct impact on the lakes and helps preserve their health” says Lola Bratty. “We want others to have the same enjoyment that we have had.  You can't put a value on that!"  Both donors felt that the best way to ensure that was to donate the property to Muskoka Conservancy so that it would remain protected for future generations.  "Once wild space is destroyed it is lost forever," says Mike Foster.