Property Details

Size: 155.34 acres

Location: Huntsville

Year Acquired: 2010

Wetland: 5 acres

Shoreline: 5499 feet

Public Access: Available

Property Info

The Dyer Memorial Nature Reserve was donated in 2010 by the Dyer Estate Corporation and the Trustees for the Dyer Memorial Trust. The property includes a memorial site with a two acre private cemetery and 42 foot monument in memory of Betsy and Clifton Dyer who were the original property owners.

The property has been designated as ecologically sensitive through the Environment Canada's Ecogift Program. The property abuts the Big East River Provincial Park, a waterway park that provides an ecological connection between Algonquin Provincial Park and Arrowhead Provincial Park.

The Dyer Memorial Nature Reserve includes both forested areas and landscaped open areas. The majority of the property includes forested area, with the Big East River meandering through the southern section of the property. The property includes 5500 feet of shoreline habitat and a number of remnant oxbow lakes occur within the nature reserve.

The property is open for public access. Please refer to the list of permitted and restricted activities and any questions about the property should be directed to or 705-645-7393