Property Details

Size: 23 acres

Location: Lake Joseph

Year Acquired: 2018

Shoreline: 6400 feet


Property Info

The Dahwamah Island Conservation Easement includes undisturbed forest and rocky shoreline habitats, there is a significant rise along the center of the island and dominant tree species include hemlock and white oak. The island has not been logged since the 1800s, and therefore contains a number of mature trees and significant forest canopy.

The Pemberton family has owned this island since 1860, and a cottage was built on the property in 1902. Since then the family has kept it in a largely natural state. To protect this natural gem, a fund was created by concerned neighbours and nearby cottagers to finance the creation of a conservation easement. This allows the island to remain in the family, but to remain protected in perpetuity.

The result of this cottage-community effort is the permanent protection of the old growth forest on the island, as well as the protection of nesting grounds and fish habitats. A huge thank you to the Pemberton family for conserving this gorgeous property!