Property Details

Size: 63.19 acres

Location: Port Sydney

Year Acquired: 2019

Wetland: 20 acres

Public Access: Not available

Property Info

The property covers a wide range of habitats, with a similar proportion of forested and wetland habitats. The north end of the property is a black spruce swamp and has the potential to support boreal species. This is a habitat that is rarer to see in Muskoka and may have some rare flora and fauna species. The southern end is primarily an open marsh area. It has a beaver lodge at the south end of the wetland. There is also a section of upland forest between the two wetland areas. The property is known to support wetland species like wood and green frogs.

There is a large diversity in floral species on the property, with provincially rare plant species present. Hobblebush and Indian cucumber root both grow on the property, as does Marsh St. John’s wort a provincially rare species.

Signs of snowshoe hare, deer, and beaver are present and there have been many songbirds identified on the property, including several species at risk. Amphibians are also present in decent amounts, as there are large wetland areas and areas for vernal pools. There is a high-quality marsh, swamp, and forested areas that provide enough habitat for wetland and area-sensitive species.