Esson Bursary Fund

The Muskoka Conservancy encourages young people to successfully complete a post-secondary school education related to the Natural Sciences (Biology, Forestry, Environmental Studies) or related Technologies (Wildlife, Forestry, Environmental Engineering). In support of this, we are offering a $1,000.00 Bursary, known as The Charlie Esson Stewardship Bursary, to assist a student in achieving academic qualifications in these disciplines.

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Shoreline Stewardship

Our Shoreline Stewardship Program provides advice and referrals to shoreline property owners about how they can make their shoreline as healthy and resilient as it can be.

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Private Landowner Stewardship Fund

This fund supports our ongoing work to support landowners as they work to become stewards of their properties, ensuring their health and resilience for many years into the future.

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Property Acquisition Fund

While we are grateful to the generous donors who donate their property to Muskoka Conservancy, there are costs for the organization associated with accepting the properties. These costs can include legal fees and appraisals. Donations to this fund allow us to accept donated properties as they become available.

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Maintenance and Defence Fund

When Muskoka Conservancy accepts a property, we take on responsibility for that property, FOREVER. For that reason, we are very diligent in proactive in ensuring our properties are kept in appropriate environmental conditions. Donations to this fund allow us to protect our properties against whatever may happen in the future because FOREVER is a very long time.

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If you have any questions about specific funds or would prefer to give over the phone please call Aaron Rusak at 705-645-7393 ext 200.

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