The Michael Foster Photography Award is presented annually to the photographer whose image best represents Muskoka's natural or built environments in a way that demonstrates the beauty of the area.

2020 THEME: Any Aspect of Trees

Submit your photos on Instagram by following these steps:

  1. Login to Instagram
  2. Tag @muskoka_conservancy in the photo
  3.  Use the hashtag #mccontest in the description

Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2020

About Michael Foster:

  • A professional photographer and artist from Toronto prior to moving to Muskoka in 1994, Michael took great pleasure in the visual arts, music, and canoeing. His other great passion was nature and he was actively involved in the Muskoka Conservancy, with a special interest in preserving the area's natural beauty for generations.
  • For many years he was on the Board of the Muskoka Heritage Foundation, which later merged with the Muskoka Heritage Trust to become the Muskoka Conservancy. He was also a volunteer in the Technical Advisory Group, which assesses the ecological significance of land offered to the Conservancy, photo-documenting the properties being assessed and protected. During the 1990s, Michael was a leader in the Master Steward Program, which helped landowners maintain and enrich the biodiversity of their properties. He showed that a combination of protection and active stewardship on his own property enhanced the ability of the plants and animals to prosper.
  • His commitment to Muskoka was such that he and his spouse, Lola Bratty, permanently protected a portion of their property by donating the Foster/Bratty Nature Reserve to Muskoka Conservancy in 2012. Michael was passionate about protecting this significant wetland for the resident species (some of which are rare), so that future generations would be able to enjoy the area in its natural state.