Over the years the Muskoka Conservancy has recognized that there are many members of our community who make immense contributions to the natural and built heritage of Muskoka.  We recognize these contributions annually with our Heritage Awards, handed out at our Annual General Meeting held in June. We also sponsor a special award for nature-themed art presented at Muskoka Arts & Crafts' Annual Spring Show.

Nominations deadline: May 1st of each year.

Built & Cultural Heritage Award

A property may be selected in recognition of an ongoing commitment to the Stewardship of the Built Heritage of Muskoka as demonstrated by:

  • Showing sensitivity toward the care of the built environment.
  • Helping to secure a cultural legacy for future generations.
  • Displaying the relationship between built heritage and its environment.
  • Promoting a harmonious blend of the best of the past, present, and future recognizing "heritage" as a living tradition.
  • Demonstrating to people of all ages the importance of preserving our built heritage.

Built heritage is an essential part of Muskoka. The continued use, care, and preservation of this built heritage is a vital part of the privilege of land ownership in Muskoka.

Nomination Criteria

Natural Heritage Awards

The Stewardship Award Program recognizes voluntary protection of Muskoka's natural heritage by private owners, businesses and public properties. The award acknowledges protection in the past but more importantly represents a voluntary commitment on the part of the landowner to safeguard their property for the future.

Awards are given to residential/shoreline properties and commercial properties around Muskoka.

Nomination Criteria

Wayland Drew Natural Heritage Award

The Wayland Drew Natural Heritage Award is presented to honor a man who truly loved wilderness and natural places. His commitment to the natural world carried into his work as a writer, teacher, and environmentalist. He authored 12 books, taught almost 20 years, and spearheaded a major environmental conference. In 1992, Wayland Drew was presented with the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Conservation presented by the Conservation Council of Ontario. Sadly we lost Wayland to ALS in Dec of 1998.

With the support of the Drew family, the Muskoka Conservancy initiated the Wayland Drew Natural Heritage Award to reward individuals who exemplify environmental leadership, by promoting stewardship, conservation, environmental education or awareness of Muskoka's natural heritage.

Recipients of this prestigious award will have their names inscribed on the very beautiful and symbolic "Bear Manitou" sculpted by Brenda Wainman-Goulet. This is particularly significant as Wayland belonged to a society to protect bears. Recipients will also receive mounted medallions of the bear.

Robert J. Boyer Award

In 2001, the Conservancy established the Robert J. Boyer Award to honor individuals who demonstrate a significant commitment to the cultural and historical heritage of Muskoka. The award is named after Bob Boyer, a local historian with a life-long commitment to the unique cultural heritage of Muskoka.

The recipient of the Muskoka Heritage Foundation's Robert J. Boyer Award must have demonstrated a significant commitment to the cultural and historical heritage of Muskoka.