Emerald Ash Borer Early Detection Project

In 2017, Muskoka Conservancy is partnered with both the Town of Bracebridge and the Town of Gravenhurst on an Emerald Ash Borer Early Detection Project.

Emerald ash borer is a highly destructive invasive pest that arrived from Asia, most likely in untreated ash wood used for packing material. Emerald ash borer attacks all species of true ash (Fraxinus spp) found in North America, no matter the size, age or health status. Emerald ash borer does not attack or kill mountain ash (Sorbus spp). In North America, the beetle was first detected in Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI in 2002. Outbreaks of emerald ash borer have been confirmed in Barrie in 2014 and also in Midland and Ramara Township in 2016 and it could be moving toward the Muskoka forest. In 2016, Muskoka Conservancy launched a pilot project in Bracebridge, and in 2017 has expanded the project to include the Town of Gravenhurst as well.

Muskoka Conservancy is working with BioForest to hang and monitor green prism traps throughout southern Muskoka that are used for early detection of emerald ash borer. On June 8th and 9th, 2017, 24 traps were hung in the canopy of ash trees in the southern Muskoka region. The traps will be checked and removed at the end of the summer and will be evaluated for results.

Below is a map of the EAB trap locations for 2017 (click to enlarge).

Please click on the link below for a report on the project from 2016.

Emerald Ash Borer Early Detection Pilot Project Final Report


A public workshop/information session, and demonstration trap hanging was hosted on June 21st, 2016 at Kerr Park in Bracebridge. The link to the presentation made by Allison Winmill with BioForest is below.

For more information about about this project, please contact jlemesurier@muskokaconservancy.org or 705-645-7393 ext. 200

EAB Bracebridge Community Event – June 21, 2016 (AW)

For more information about Emerald Ash Borer, please check out the links below:

Emerald Ash Borer






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