Upjohn Nature Reserve

The Upjohn Nature Reserve has a public access trail with a number of interesting stops along the way. The trailhead is located on Nicholls Road, which is along Manitoba St, past the intersection that heads to the Bracebridge Secondary School. Follow Nicholls Road for about 2 kilometers park along the road.


A couple of notes about the nature reserve:

  • the trail is around 1 km long, and is a fairly easy hike
  • park at your own risk, as it is roadside parking
  • the trail is only accessible during winter if you snowshoe or ski in, as there’s not much plowing on this section of the road

Please be respectful while hiking within the nature reserve. It is home to a number of native plant and animal species, so make sure to stay on the trail. Don’t leave any garbage along the trail and don’t remove anything from the natural area.

T- Upjohn NR

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