Memorial Forest Program

Memorial Forest Program (1)

Create a lasting memory for a loved one – plant a ‘Memorial Tree’

Created as a lasting memorial to a beloved wife, the Dyer Memorial Nature Reserve outside of Huntsville, and its caretaker, the Muskoka Conservancy, can now offer a special place of remembrance for those who will live on in your memory.

It was 1916 when Clifton Dyer and Betsy Brown honeymooned in Muskoka, and it was a special cabin on the banks of the East River that claimed their affection each year upon their return.

After Betsy’s death in 1956, Clifton built a memorial overlooking their beloved East River and the Valley below, and there, both Betsy and Clifton’s ashes remain in their final resting place.

In a place born of love, and a place dedicated to memories, Muskoka Conservancy now invites you to plant a Memorial Tree at the Dyer Memorial Nature Reserve to commemorate a loved one or to mark a significant life event. For $350, the Muskoka Conservancy will help you plant and care for a Red Oak or Sugar Maple tree, along with a memorial plaque and stand.

An information session will be held annually at the Dyer Memorial Nature Reserve. It will be the chance to meet us to learn more about the Memorial Forest, walk around the Nature Reserve and choose where you would like to plant your own Memorial Tree.

Orders may be placed until August 15th of each year. An annual ceremony with service of dedication is held each fall at the Dyer Memorial.

Please note: we are not yet accepting orders for trees to be planted in September 2017. We want to ensure the success of trees planted in 2016 before continuing to offer this program.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For more information or to purchase a Memorial Tree, please contact our office at 705 -645 -7393 x 200.



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