old muskoka book

 Old Muskoka

by Liz Lundell – $20

These autographed copies of Liz Lundell’s amazing history of Muskoka’s century cottages is not to be missed. A great read and a wonderful gift, these books are a window into the fascinating history of of the homes and people who make Muskoka great.


Field guide

Photo Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Ontatrio – $18

Turtles, snakes, toads, frogs and salamanders; all of them are in this little, water-resistant and practical field guide. Now you can learn how to identify reptiles and amphibians everywhere you go!


 Living in cottage countryLiving in Cottage Country

What you need to know 

By the Muskoka Watershed Council – $20

The same natural features that attract people to Cottage Country are the very features most in danger of being lost unless we protect them. This handbook will show you how simple, everyday actions can keep your piece of cottage country healthy while complying with the various guidelines, regulations and by-laws that exist. Healthy buffers, building and construction, native plants, septic systems, docks and pathways, wildlife, permits and approvals and more.

Our selection of books is available at our office, 47 Quebec St in Bracebridge. 

You don’t live in the area? Give us a call at 705-645-7393 x 200 and we will ship them to you!

Toronto and Area: call volunteer Elizabeth Mason at 416-924-4868 to order your favourite Muskoka treats and arrange a pick-up.

All prices include tax, shipping is not included.

By shopping in our store, you are helping us to care, protect and nurture Muskoka’s natural spaces.


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